Since sims online spielen in the us and this brings with it several renovating features in contrast to its previous versions, and these are:

Marked personalities: New emotions and defined aspects. We can personalize our character even more.
Possibilities: Given the point stated earlier, our Sim will now have more chances to really have a more interesting, fun story.
Innovative tools: New methods to create a character and build
Vibrant communities : Now the neighborhoods will be inhabited by “people” from various communities, to make it fun and interesting.
Share your creations: which means we could share all our projects through the gallery for the Sims 4

Regarding the minimum requirements to try out, first we should have an net connection, in order to stimulate the merchandise.
As far as Hardware is worried, we’ll require at the least a core 2 duo of 1.8ghz – 2GB of RAM – 10GB free on our disk so that it is useful so we can save the games well and finally one or more video clip card of no less than 128MB.


In the current delivery we shall provide you with all the tricks for the Sims 4 to make use of the game.
First thing we need to do to introduce the tricks is to open the console by pushing CTRL + SHIFT + C then we introduce the trick we would like from the list that seems below.
rosebud: It will give us money
motherlode: It gives us much more cash compared to the previous one
resetsim first and last name: we can restart our sim
death.toggle: To ensure that our Sim does not die
Also to resusit a Sim we can do the next actions:
Reach level 10 on paper
Complete aspiration “Best-Sellers”
As we have done the earlier steps we have to write “the guide of life”
When the guide is written, we must do the following; select the option “capture the epic saga” of some serrano Sim (this needs to be done before he dies).
As soon as dead we “invoke” it and prepared, the Sim will come back once again to life just as if absolutely nothing had occurred.

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